Why should I use laser grading rather than conventional grading?

If accuracy and time are important to your project, laser grading can provide you with optimum results while saving on labor costs and materials. With the fully laser controlled automatic laser grader, the grading is accurately controlled by the machine, and not the operator.

How close to perfectly flat can you get?

It depends upon the type of material being graded. The Laser Grader can usually grade 1 ½" or 3/4" crushed gravel to within 1/4" tolerance and stonedust, sand or loam to within 1/8" tolerance.

How close to finish grade does the sitework contractor have to get the sub-grade prior to laser grading?

The Laser Grader works at optimum speed and capacity if the rough sub-grade is within plus or minus 2" of finish grade.

How large of an opening in the building do you need to get the Laser Grader in?

The minimum size opening required is 6' high and 5' wide.

How close can you grade to walls, corners, and conduit pipes?

Because the Laser Grader can articulate and the moldboard can side shift, this results in a 5' turning radius which gets well into corners and within 1" to 2" from walls and conduits.

Can you grade on a slope?

The Laser Grader can operate via laser control on slopes from 0 to 10% and can be operated manually on slopes up to approximately 25%.

How do you charge?

Grading services are usually charged on a per square foot basis, but other arrangements can be made.

Where do you travel?

We are based in central New Hampshire and our home area is all the New England States, plus New York and Pennsylvania.

How many square feet can you grade in one day?

Depending upon the type of material and the accuracy of the rough grade provided the Laser Grader can grade up to 50,000 S.F. per day.



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Northeast Laser Grading offers high precision grading for supermarkets, warehouses, parking lots, athletic fields (football, baseball, soccer), tennis courts, horse arenas and more. Serving the northeast, including Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania and more.

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